Brand integration is the process of incorporating your colours, logos, fonts and overall style properties. The challenge of effective brand integration is to match your brand's core attributes to the characters or story itself.

  • Incorporate your styling of fonts and colour schemes 
  • Ensure your logo is uploaded and stands out against the background colour of the menu 
  • Use the Menuzen Branding Upload in the “My Account” tab to upload your core colours and logo to automatically sync on your first menu design. 
  • It is very important when promoting your brand across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. that your Menuzen Menu incorporates your colours, logos and fonts. The more customers see this, the more they will engage and resonate with your business! 
  • If you don't have your branding setup yet, or you are not 100% happy with your branding, don't worry. You can take advantage of one of our many Menuzen menu themes created by professional designers. Just make sure to upload your logo, and if you don't have a logo yet we recommend using the logo maker tool