• Use contrasting colours as it helps make objects more noticeable and text easier to read.  

    For example, white background with black text can really pop and stand out without making it hard for customers to read.

  • We recommend using a maximum of 3 colours. If you think your design needs more colours, try to use different tints and shades of the already selected colours.  

    For example, if your background is light blue, then using a dark blue for your footer and heading shading can create a smooth adjustment for viewers.

  • We recommend applying colour psychology to your designs. Researchers and designers use colours to affect the mood in different ways.  

    For example, various restaurants use a red colour scheme as red makes people feel hungry, which can be seen through this article.

  • Use colour palette generators, colour wheel and colour swatches to decide on the colour you want to use.

    If you don't have a brand kit or colour palette for your business yet we recommend either using one of our Menuzen design themes created by professional designers.

    Or if you want to create something yourself we recommend using the brand kit tool.