As a bonus feature, Menuzen lets users add basic recipes to each of their menu items. This allows you to remind chefs, team members and new staff about the methods and ingredients associated with creating each dish – allow for more effective operations within your cafe or restaurant.

To add or edit a recipe:

  1. From your Menuzen dashboard, navigate to the sidebar on the left-hand side of the screen and click Item Manager.

  2. Find the item you would like to add recipes to, select the ‘…’ icon and press Edit Item.

    This can also be done during the initial item setup

  3. At the very top right of your desired item, click the Recipe button. Here, you can add the ingredients and method for your recipe.

  4. Under Ingredients, click the Add Ingredient button to add the ingredients required.

  5. Under Method, click the Add Method button to add the steps for following the recipe.

  6. Once the recipe has been added, press the Save button.

Your changes will now be saved. You can view and edit your recipe at any stage by coming back to the Recipe tab. Everyone who has access to your Menuzen account will be able to view this item and its recipe.